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At Bondurant Law, PLLC, our firm has the skill and knowledge necessary to provide the representation our clients need to protect the investments they are making or have made in real estate. To schedule an initial telephone consultation, call 210-598-8146.

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ur firm offers its skilled representation to those who need assistance with a variety of real estate issues such as:


  • Transactions — Having legal guidance during the sale or purchase of a residential or commercial property can help ensure that the transaction reflects the deal you believe you made and can help avoid costly disputes.
  • Litigation — When a conflict cannot be resolved by any other means, we can help you turn to the court for the resolution you need. Our skill as litigators can help you secure the best possible outcome.
  • Leases — We offer skilled counsel that can assist with drafting, review and negotiation of residential and commercial leases.
  • Evictions — Evicting a tenant can be a difficult process. It is important that you follow all applicable legal procedures to make sure the process moves as quickly as possible. We can help ensure that process proceeds as smoothly as possible.
  • Title issues — When difficulties related to the title on a property occur, it can create very costly and lengthy disputes. Our experience in digging into title issues allows us to offer our clients representation that can resolve title issues efficiently and effectively.
  • Mechanic’s liens — If you are seeking to secure a mechanic’s lien or if a mechanic’s lien is threatening your property, you need to act swiftly. The remedies for a mechanic’s lien are only available for a short time.
  • Foreclosure — For individuals who are carrying the mortgage for someone, pursuing foreclosure on the property is a difficult process. You deserve to either be paid what you are owed or exercise your rights at foreclosure. For those facing unfair foreclosure proceedings, we can help you defend your interest in your home.
  • Buying and selling a business — When real estate is part of the sale or purchase of a business, you need to know that component of the overall transaction is well handled.

We know that when it comes to real estate, you cannot afford to have a mistake — a mishandled title issue could mean the loss of your property, for example. Attorney Robert Bondurant is dedicated to helping his clients through all matter of difficult real estate matters, including drafting or reviewing:

  • Earnest money contracts
  • Promissory notes
  • Deeds of trust
  • General or special warranty deeds, quitclaims, or deeds without warranty, as appropriate
  • Any other necessary agreements for the purchase or sale of real estate

How can we help?

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For skilled counsel that can help you make the right choices for a successful future, turn to Bondurant Law, PLLC. To schedule an initial telephone consultation, call 210-598-8146