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At Bondurant Law, PLLC, our firm focuses on providing skilled business counsel and advocacy to small business owners. We know that business owners need advice they can depend on when they are making critical choices or facing serious disputes. Our extensive commercial law and litigation experience allows us to meet our clients’ needs. To schedule an initial telephone consultation, call 210-598-8146.

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business owner does not need to maintain inside counsel to have the benefits of having a lawyer who knows your business inside and out. We work to develop ongoing relationships with businesses that allow us to be called upon at a moment’s notice without needing to educate us regarding the background of your business. By working repeatedly with business owners on different issues, we are able to provide a degree of continuity of representation and familiarity that is usually only enjoyed by larger companies.

Our firm provides highly skilled business law representation on matters such as:

  • Business formation and Operating/Partnership Agreements — Choosing the right entity can make a tremendous amount of difference and prevent serious future issues, such as partner disputes, or what happens when a partner dies or gets a divorce.
  • Buying and selling a business — This can be one of the most important transactions of your life. Make sure it proceeds according to plan.
  • Non-compete agreements — We assist employees and employers in drafting and reviewing non-compete agreements. We also offer analysis of whether certain actions will violate a non-compete agreement as well as defending people against claims they did violate their agreement.
  • Litigation — When there is no other means to effectively resolve a business dispute, our skill in the courtroom can help you secure the outcome you need.
  • Breach of contract — We can help you pursue all appropriate damages when a breach of contract has occurred.

How can we help?

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For skilled counsel that can help you make the right choices for a successful future, turn to Bondurant Law, PLLC. To schedule an initial telephone consultation, call 210-598-8146